A Nauruan Weightlifter

Nauru, New Caledonia, Australia May 2011

This is the story of a 26-years-old weightlifter. His name is Itte Detenamo. He comes from the smallest Republic in the world, Nauru, and he will represent his country at the next Olympic Games of 2012. After smashing the Commonwealth record for the Super Heavy Weight category at the last Arafura games in Australia, Itte can credibly aim at a medal in London. That would be the first Olympic medal for his country, an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with about 10,000 inhabitants, once famous for the world's highest per-capita income and now sadly  known for its poor economic conditions and its records in nutrition diseases: Nauru currently has the world's highest concentration of people affected by diabetes or obesity.

    With his talent and his discipline, Itte embeds Nauru's hopes for a better future, where its inhabitants will be capable to re-establish a lasting symbiosis with the surrounding environment. The story of Nauru, where past short-sighted management of natural resources led people from extreme wealth to absolute poverty in a blink of an eye, is a parable of the world's destiny. Thus, ultimately Itte represents the entire world's hopes that humanity, will, one day learn to look beyond its short-term interest to the benefit of future generations and the planet they will one day live in.