The Land of Energy

Iceland 2008

This reportage gives a glimpse of the surreal Icelandic environment where young guys live their lives playing football during the brightest nights and coming up with innovative business ideas. The focus is on energy -  natural power and how humanity relates to it.


The first photos introduce the environment of Reykjavik and the surrounding country side. The following photos introduce Viktor and his family. Viktor works in a company which promotes the use of geothermal power all around the world: possibly the cleanest energy available.


Viktor lives in a former factory where he is able to work on his business idea: exploiting cheap and readily available energy to grow basil plants and sell them as rare delicacies on the Icelandic market. In parallel, Viktor lives the normal life of a guy of his age in Iceland: playing football with his friends, roaming around trying to sell the skin of a polar bear, watching his friends swimming in the coldest of the sea, getting back home late at night, when the Summer sun is still shining.